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Coming to Lancaster is all about broadening your horizons, learning new subjects, finding new perspectives and discovering new experiences as part of a community that reaches around the world.

You'll rub shoulders with students from over 100 countries, so you'll have every chance to make international connections of your own, on your course, in societies or socially.

You'll learn from world-leading staff from around the globe, as over half of our team come from outside the UK. You can even make global citizenship a part of your studies, with an Intercultural Competencies Certificate that can equip you for a global future.

What starts in Lancaster can take you much further afield. You might spend a few weeks abroad as part of your course, or even study for a whole year with one of our partner institutions around the world.

Whether you're a Lancaster local or crossing oceans to join our community, you'll discover an international perspective on life. Learn about other people, celebrate other cultures and make friendships and connections that cross borders and continents.

Why Lancaster?

We believe that Lancaster is everything a university should be. We support you through your studies, research and career.

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